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Scratch: Virtual Pet

Perfect for any animal lovers, in this course students will learn how to code and customise their own virtual pet! We will use the power of individual creativity to introduce students to even more Scratch-based programming concepts! Through the exciting world of game design, students will leave the course with a further understanding of Scratch and a unique tamagotchi-style virtual pet.
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What's included?

  • 5 Live Online Lessons
  • 1 Amazing Coding Project
  • Additional Exercises and student resources

Kick-start your Coding Journey!

Our course is designed to captivate and engage students as they embark on a journey of creating their very own virtual pet. By tapping into their individual creativity, they will not only customise their virtual companion but also delve deeper into Scratch-based programming concepts.

Creativity is key!

By blending programming concepts with their vivid imagination, this course will empower your child to bring their unique ideas to life, fostering a love for creativity and innovation in an interactive and exciting way!

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