Core Tuition:
Trial Lesson

Book a 30 minute trial lesson to test out if Core Tuition is right for you. To use your £25 deposit towards a full course, please check your email after purchase for a code to use when purchasing a full Core Tuition course.
Please note that the course material included in the course player for your trial is an example and may not be the same as the content for the course you are trialling.
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What's included?

  • A 30-minute Online Lesson
  • One Fun Coding Project
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Kick-start your Coding Journey!

Set yourself on a path for success by learning key coding concepts in Scratch! This course teaches the basics of using coding languages through a fun block based approach!

Creativity is key!

Students will create their own personalised projects and practise using their creativity. From imagination to realisation, students will learn the whole process to creating a coding project!

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To book your lessons, please use the code: CoreST126
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