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Scratch: Guitar Hero

Our Scratch: Guitar Hero course will teach children how to program the legendary game: Guitar Hero! Through block-based coding, students will animate their own band, add music and program intelligent sprite interactions, customising their game to make it unique. At the end they will have a take-home project to be really proud of!
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What's included?

  • 5 Live Online Lessons
  • One Awesome Project
  • Additional Exercises and student resources

Kick-start your Coding Journey!

Unleash your inner rockstar and code the ultimate guitar hero experience! Discover the thrill of creating a personalised gaming masterpiece and walk away with a take-home project that showcases your talent and creativity.

Creativity is key!

By combining programming skills with musical creativity, your child will have the chance to design their band, compose unique tunes, and ignite their imagination to craft a personalised gaming experience!

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