Holiday Camps

Minis: Coding and Robotics

Mini coders have the opportunity to explore, express themselves, and manipulate the physical world around them through very simple block-based coding. Whether it’s robotics, animations, or mini-games, Mini coders get immediate physical and visual responses to their simple coding alongside building important digital literacy skills.

Why BlueShift Camps?

Our Minis students love coming back to camps for many reasons- whether it's the supportive and creative environment, our amazing team of teachers, or the fun they have with new friends, one thing is for certain: no matter the age, technology can be fun!
By starting students along their coding journey at a young age, they're developing critical thinking, problem solving, and creative skills alongside technical ability that will help them accelerate their learning in the future across many subjects.

Robotics: Dashbots

One of the robotics kits that our student love to use is the Wonder Workshop Dash Robot. Packed with both programming power and personality, Dash is a fantastic teaching tool for Algorithms, Inputs and Outputs, and Computational Thinking. This powerful little machine is programmed through a block-based coding app. Students can make use of a variety of lights, sensors, and movement when programming!
Other robotics kits we use include Robo Wunderkind and LEGO Spike Essentials
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Scratch Jr.

Scratch Jr. is a block-based coding platform that helps young students learn how to code on touch-screen devices. Through using Scratch Jr. to create original games, animations, and digital tools, students gain confidence using and creating sequences, loops, coding events, and algorithms. There are so many possibilities with Scratch Jr!
Check out this interactive example of a student project!
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Beach Cleanup Project

One example of a Minis project for Summer 2023 is the Beach Cleanup Project. 
Students will learn about beach pollution and what kids like them are doing to help keep our beaches clean. They will then design their very own Beach Cleaning Robot,
Students will gain skills in robotic design, prototyping, and gain confidence presenting their original ideas to their classmates.
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