Autumn Term 2023

Mini Coders

Our popular Mini Coders club is back and revamped with brand-new projects and activities to spark their passion for coding! Students will develop their problem solving skills, computing skills, and creativity through a series of themed projects.
This term's theme:

The Environment

This term, students will learn all about the world around them through their coding projects. From animals and their habitats to plants and how they grow, students will develop not only their coding knowledge, but also their knowledge of how the earth supports life.
Read below for a preview of this term's projects!
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1 | Breaking the Ice: Cold Climates

Get to know your classmates by creating an interactive collage! Students will learn all about what their classmates like to do when it's cold outside, and how different animals keep warm in cold climates.
Students will learn about sequences, "If, then..." statements, and event-based coding in Scratch Jr.

2 | Growing Greens

In this lesson, students will explore how plants grow and learn about what goes into their favourite foods! Students will learn about algorithms, as well as inputs/outputs.
Each student will design and code their very own "virtual food garden" where they can grow and harvest their favourite foods!
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3 | Marvellous Mountains

Learn how mountains provide some of the most interesting and unique habitat for plants and animals! Students will create and code their very own "Mountain Climber" game that they can play with their friends in Scratch Jr!

4 | Swimming in the Sea

In this lesson, students will learn about amazing sea creatures and how they work together to live in the sea! Students will also learn about the trouble these amazing animals face due to pollution and climate change.
Students will then create and code a game to help teach their friends about the importance of taking care of our oceans, all while having fun!
Students will learn how to use count-based and infinite loops, and combine the 
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5 | Beach Cleanup

From the ocean to the beach, students will learn about some creatures that love both! For seabirds, turtles, and holidaymakers alike, a clean beach is a lovely place to be!
Students will learn about beach pollution and what kids like them are doing to help keep our beaches clean. They will then design their very own Beach Cleaning Robot,
Students will learn about robotic design, prototyping, and gain confidence presenting their original ideas to their classmates.

... and more!

Five more engaging environmental themed coding and robotics lessons are included in this course
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