After School Clubs

Creative Robotics
with LEGO

We use a variety of LEGO Robotics kits in our after school clubs to teach key coding and design concepts for all ages! In our LEGO Robotics clubs, students imagine, design, create, and code all sorts of things including drawing tools, musical instruments, colour-checking robots, and so much more! Lessons are always tailored to student interests to keep students engaged and help their creativity flourish.

Read more below to learn about the different types of LEGO kits we use and get your students inspired for their next creative robotics project!
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LEGO Spike Essentials

Spike Essentials is LEGO's newest robotics kit aimed at introducing students to the world of engineering, robotics, and coding.
Students have four main components to make use of:
  • The LEGO Spike Hub containing a Gyroscopic sensor
  • The Colour Sensor
  • The Light
  • The Motors
The simplicity of these four parts should not be underestimated- With the ability to code each of them to interact with each other, there's a whole world of possibility for students to create!
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LEGO Spike Prime

Spike Prime is the next step up from Spike Essentials. The Spike Prime Hub has the potential to plug in 6 external components, and has a built-in LED matrix and gyroscopic sensor. Our LEGO Spike Prime classes are all based on designing, building, coding, and testing solutions to problems to help students harness their creativity and critical-thinking skills.
LEGO Spike Prime kits contain the following components, as well as a vast array of LEGO Technic pieces:
  • The LEGO Spike Prime Hub containing a Gyroscopic sensor and LED matrix
  • Medium and Large Motors
  • Colour Sensor
  • Distance Sensor
  • Force Sensor


WeDo kits are one of LEGO's long-time education tools- with a motion sensor, motor, and tilt sensor, students can learn coding and design concepts while building LEGO vehicles, characters, and more! WeDo particularly excels at introducing students to key coding concepts through incorporating one component at a time to each of their builds.
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LEGO Mindstorms EV3

LEGO Minstorms EV3 is an old powerhouse capable of some amazing projects. Generally more suitable for older students, EV3 is more geared towards bigger and more complex projects. Our Mindstorms EV3 classes focus on designing innovative tools and helping students hone their coding skills.
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