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Senior Lecturer at Royal Technosoft, BE Computer Science and Engineering
  • Scratch
  • Java
  • Bitsbox
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • HTML & CSS
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" I love that I am able to inspire students and show them the many possibilities that coding can open for them through teaching. "

Hey, fellow coders!
I embarked on my coding journey at the young age of 15, driven by curiosity about the apps and games I used daily. Watching tutorials and simultaneously learning programming and Unity, I aspired to unravel the magic behind these creations.

This passion led me to develop a popular Discord Bot, now with over 40K active users.Teaching became my way to inspire budding coders, showing them the boundless possibilities that coding offers. My top advice to my students is simple: never give up.
In the world of coding, persistence is the key to unlocking endless potential

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Lucas, 9

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Teaching experience

Knightsbridge School

Wetherby Kensington

Bousfield Primary

Teaching Assistant
Goldsmiths, UoL

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